911 Bikers Memorandum to Police Stations News Actual


This project’s vision and mission is to unite Bikers and Biker Clubs nationally to honor the thousands of farmers that have been brutally murdered and more importantly support the thousands of farmers who live in constant fear of being the next victims. We want to join forces with other likeminded groups and support all efforts to stand against an authority that turns a blind eye to the plights of our farmers.


This campaign is not about politics, religion, race or self enrichment, but self preservation as not to become the next starving Africa country.


We want to involve people across the spectrum of our communities and as well as all media coverage. We want this world to sit up and take note. All this is only possible with the support of sponsors.

Ds T.J Mare en Kapitein Twala bespreek die doel van die ride.
Die bikers het ons in Carolina kom besoek met hul poging om blootstelling te kry vir die aksie teen plaasmoorde by verskillende polisiestasies. Hulle het vir die doel ‘n memorandum oorhandig aan Kapitein Twala, ons stasie bevelvoerder in Carolina. Die bikers het teen die tyd al ‘n lang roete gery toe hulle in die aand by ons aankom. Maar ondanks die koue was hulle vol moed om nog deur te ry na Badplaas toe. Ons admireer hulle poging wat hulle inset.



911 Bikers Memorandum to Police Stations
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