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About a week ago I had an encounter with this other person who was not well at all. The person has been sick for a while and the pains were coming on and off. The person  was on the verge of losing hope and giving in. As I tried to speak words of encouragement, the person started telling me about the money that had already been spent on doctors and hospital bills. And at the end of it all they can’t find exactly what was wrong. The drawers at home were filled with tablets for pain and to make this person fall asleep at night.
I couldn’t help it but started praying for this person. I tried to talk this person out of the sad mood but to no avail. And I knew right there that all that was needed was prayer. I would like to believe that Although the person was in pain, there was a little smile that I saw. The God that I serve is able. And I know that he had done his part on this person.
Turn with me to the book of Ruth 1:6. The verse reads as follows; “Then Naomi heard in Moab that the Lord had blessed his people in Judah by giving them good crops again . So Naomi and her daughters-in-law got ready to leave Moab to return to her homeland”.
This was after Naomi and her husband Elimelech moved to Moab after a severe famine in Bethlehem. But the bible says that after the a while God remembered his people back in Bethlehem. He blessed them with good crops to have food again. The word again shows that he was not doing it for the first time.
Maybe you are reading this and you know that there is famine in your life. Maybe you know someone who has been going through terrible times. I want to tell you that your God has not forgotten about you. He is going to refresh you again. It might be your health, it might be your finances, your job or lack it, your marriage . Whatever it is that is dry in your life. God can still refresh it. And once he does, all testimony and glory should go to him. I want to remind you not to give up. I know the pain might be unbearable, I know the hurt my be the biggest in your life so far, but I beg you to hang in there. God will give you good crops again. In the fullness of time.
The truth is that, there is not a single person whose life is hundred percent problems free. No mater how much money they may have. The difference is that some people loose hope soos niks. Whereas other people have the faith and belief that God will come through for them no matter what and that is true. God will still come through for you my friend. I know. Keep on praying. Read the bible always. Meditate on his word. It is not over until God says so. Don’t listen to what mere people say.
Keep on believing, keep on trusting him. Your miracle is on its way.
Till next week, God willing.
Stay blessed
Lucas Mudau
MD @ TL Mudau Optometrist
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Life as it is 20 April
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