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Life as it is 8/04/16
  How many times have you heard people saying that they can no longer do this or that simply because they are too old. There are people who are not living their full potential simply because of so many excuses. Sometimes a clear message would come to our attention but you will find that person ignoring it and put excuses. As I was reading my bible, I came across many stories were God calls people of all ages. When God calls you to do something he doesn’t look at your age. You can be young or you can be old, as long as he wants to use you. He will use you.
As I read from the book of Genesis 18. From these verses, we learn about three man who visited Abraham and Sarah. After they were welcomed, one of them told Abraham that by this time next year, Sarah would have a son. Sarah overheard them and the bible says that she laughed silently to herself. But here comes the self condemnation and judgement that I would like to talk about today.
The bible says that Sarah said” How could a worn-out woman like me enjoy such pleasure- especially when my husband is also so old?”
Sarah had written herself off. She calls herself a worn out woman. She was thinking that it was over with her. She thought that the only thing that was left was for her and her husband Abraham to wait and die. She didn’t see anything good happening with her life. My friend Don’t make the same mistake of writing yourself off. God can still use you now for his purpose.
It might not be through Angels, but God still talk to us of what he would like to do with our lives, but we have excuses all the time. Sometimes it could be an idea of what you would like to do or achieve. But then a small voice in the background tells you that your time is over, your time was ten years ago. No no no, God’s time is now and no one can stand against it. Verse 14 reads, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”
Nothing is too hard for the Lord. The standards of this world makes u feel old and unable. But according to God’s standards you are not old, you are not worn out. In his eyes you are as fresh as ever. So, which standards do you choose to live by? Peoples standards or God’s standards? God wants to do a new thing in your life. Believe it, receive it and live it.
Thank you for reading. Know that you are chosen and you are blessed. Now how about a little smile.
Till next week, God willing.
Learn to love , laugh and to forgive.
Life as it is 8 April
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