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Life as it is
I am a lover of sport with all my heart. And I enjoy watching a lot of them, from tennis, boxing, basketball, soccer, athletics, golf, rugby and more. I might not play these sports except golf, tennis and basketball from time to time. But I make sure I know as much as I can in the world of sport. Sport can be very emotional. It is always not nice to be on the losing side. They spend time training and preparing for their games.
Each and every weekend we are entertained by these sports. And this previous weekend was not an exception . Two games caught my attention . I enjoyed the rugby game between the Boks and Ireland. They were down at half time. And after loosing their first game, many people thought that they were going to loose again. But they never gave up. They pushed hard to make sure they don›t loose. They knew what was at stake. Loosing was not an option. They dug dipper until they came up tops. They won the game to draw the series.
I also was fascinated by the basketball finals between Cavaliers and the Warriors in the NBA. The Cavaliers were down three games to one. And most people thought they were going to loose the championship again just like the previous season. But guess what? They rewrote history. They came back and drew the games 3-3, which meant they had to go to game 7 to determine the champion. They went all the way to win the championship. They were the first team in the history of basketball to win after going down 3-1.
So many lessons learned out of these two exciting games. They motivated me to another level. What about your life? Do you feel like the game is over? Do you feel like you are loosing? Have people already written you off? There are times in life when challenges come. When you close this side, the other side opens . Many people end up giving up and just live without a purpose . I just want to remind you that the game is not over yet. It might seem like you are down and out. But I want to encourage you to keep on pushing. Keep on believing that you have it in you. Do not listen to the negative things that are said by people around you.
Always remember that, Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. It doesn›t matter what kind of disappointments you have been through. You might have done something that even your family have rejected you. Keep on fighting. Don’t give up.

Till next time, God willing.
Stay believing

Life as it is by TL Mudau
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