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Writing for this publication always excites me. Knowing that I am able to communicate with a lot of people outside my daily job is amazing. It is all from God, by God and for God. I know that some of you thought that maybe I was no longer writing the article Life as it is. The issue is that the newspaper is no longer published on weekly bases but once a month. For as long as I live, I will always have something to talk about. One of the purposes that God created me for is to inspire, to motivate, to bring the best out of his people.

Talking of inspiration, allow me to talk to you today about something quite amazing. I am a fan of motor sports, especially cars. I enjoy reading car magazines and watching TV programs, my next step will be to do racing, God willing that is. One program I enjoy the most is Top Gear. In the program, the presenters really go deeper into making us understand the specs of each car they profile. The performance, safety features, prices, and their manufactures. I like the confidence the manufacturers show as far as their production is concerned . From your Ferraris, Bentleys Austin Martins, Mercedes Benzes and much more. They talk on how safe the car is, how fast it is and how it handles on the road especially the curves. They would also explain about the features the car has inside. All things it can do for the driver to enjoy a nice comfortable ride.
They are sure of the car they manufactured, and the car does not disappoint.

Out of this example, I want to draw your attention to this word, Potential. Do you know that when God created you, He knew the way you are supposed to perform? The way you are supposed to live life according to your Maker’s belief in you? Just like these cars, you are supposed to live as per your Maker’s expectations. God is expecting you to thrive, to succeed, to win, to conquer , to grow, to bless others, to love others, to live according to his purpose for your life. In short. For you to live to your Full Potential.

The reason you are not living your best life now, is because you do not know the power you have in you. You do not know your abilities . You think you are just an average person. Well, not according to God. He made you with bigger expectations. You have a Porsche engine but you are busy idling with the speed of an old starter pack Toyota Conquest. Stop focusing on things you think you cannot do, or things you think we’re not meant for you. Trust God your manufacturer. You are more powerful than you think.
People around you didn’t make you, so they do understand what you are capable of. You have amazing horsepower . Use it.

Life will be fulfilling when you live it to your full potential.
Till next time, God willing
Stay inspired


LIFE AS IT IS October 2016
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