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Life as it is

By Lucas MudauLucasMudau3

I am still a firm believer of the power of our thoughts. Meaning that as human beings, we are able to achieve anything we put our minds on. Failure and success is entirely up to us. With that said, I am not saying that we are not going to meet challenges along the way. But even if that happens, we must activate our minds not to give up. That is the difference . For an example, two people might face the same problem at the same time, but we might have different results. One of them might choose to give up and let go and while the other might choose to get up and try again. Which one of the two would you be?

The truth is that, where you are right now in your life might not be where you are supposed to be. But because you entertain negative thoughts all the way, you then find yourself stuck in one place. Your thoughts will always determine your destination. How so you might ask? Your thoughts becomes your words. You start talking about how bad things are in your life. You tell everyone who cares to listen how unfair life has been to you. The next thing is that you start acting exactly the way you talk. Before you know it, it becomes your habit. Over time your character will be moulded around such negative utterances. You finally reach the level were you e
ven feel like you have reached your destination . By that time you are probably so far away from your destiny you can’t believe it.

Here is the thing. The devil is happy to keep you at that wrong station, but God wants you to keep on moving until you reach your destination . It all starts with you shifting your mentality from negative to positive thinking . It starts with practicing Positive thinking about yourself . Learn to love and appreciate yourself. Then positive thinking about your past. Learn from your bad mistakes and experiences and move on. Then positive thinking about the future. Start to expect greater things ahead, not dwelling in the past. And finally, practice positive thinking about your surrounding and people around you. Once you master these things, then you will become a happier, fulfilled you.

Life is too short to leave in the past, hurt and discouraged. I urge you to get up and start rowing forward. God almighty will give you strength . It is His purpose to be joyful.

Till next time
Stay in line with your purpose.

Mudau Life as it is Nov 2016
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